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Speaker Grilles

Compared to the constrained manufacturing methods of traditional speaker grilles, Vestatec’s processes allow almost infinite design freedom. The quality of both vehicle and sound system is heightened, while automotive designers and engineers can explore more intricate and ambitious speaker grille patterns with the support of our product engineers.

  • Available Coatings

    • PVD     Paint     E-coat
    •   Chrome   Anodised
  • Benefits

    • Any size or shape of hole
    • Matte, bright or brushed surface finishes and back illumination available
  • Materials Available

    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminium

Prototyping and Assembly

Our experienced design and engineering team work with you through the prototyping phase, covering all bases to ensure your exact specifications are fully realised, precisely as designed. As we assemble all our speaker grilles in-house, we can deliver a quick turnaround for short lead times.

Metal Forming

From the very beginning, we’re at the helm of your speaker grille creation. Our bespoke manufacturing process begins with metal formation, turning your desired specifications into an exclusive product for your vehicle. We keep a close eye on each element of our process, so you can have total faith in the quality and integrity of your speaker grille from the start.

Chemical Etching

Our photochemical etching processes are burr and stress free, allowing for limitless precision and design complexity, as well as alleviating material substrate damage. Collectively, this ensures an extremely high level of durability.

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Customers we proudly work with

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To find out more about our speaker grilles production or to get a quote, get in touch.