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Automotive Engineering

When it comes to providing automotive engineering services, we understand the high expectations of our customers. This is why we leverage the engineering capabilities of our in-house experts who can quickly make your design requirements a reality.

At Vestatec, we have decades of experience and utilise the knowledge of some of the industry’s greatest engineering minds to push the boundaries of metal forming and finishing technology. By utilising modern manufacturing techniques, ranging from PVD coating to chemical etching and robotics, we can help you produce designs of any complexity, giving you all the freedom that you need to create truly cutting-edge components.


Our Engineering Capabilities

At Vestatec, we approach all engineering projects holistically, supporting designs from concept to creation. Our team will work with you at every stage to ensure your components are true to your vision.

Metal Forming

Our unparalleled metal forming processes are key to all our automotive engineering services, helping bring all components to life.

PVD Coating

Our environmentally friendly PVD coating service is set up to provide a wide range of decorative colours while adding an extra layer of durability and corrosion resistance to components.


Our assembly processes have been refined over time to provide incredible efficiency for our customers. From first thought to the final touches, our end-to-end component production is completed at speed with professionalism.

Components We Create

Automotive engineering

Speaker Grilles

Premium speaker grilles of varying shapes, sizes, and complexity.

speaker grilles

Automotive/Interior Trim

From interior focal points to discrete integrated parts.

Quality and Repeatability

We are an ITAF 16949 accredited supplier of interior components with the scale, resources and experience to meet the stringent quality demands of the automotive industry. From speaker grilles to tread plates, our components are of the highest quality and can be consistently replicated in any volume.

Why Vestatec?

Since being established in 1987, Vestatec has been a leading automotive supplier, specialising in metal forming and the assembly of complex and detailed precision components. We are driven by detail, ensuring the delivery of quality products, no matter the challenge.

Our proven expertise has made us the preferred supplier to some of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands.

Customers we proudly work with

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