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Engineering Capabilities

At Vestatec, we take a holistic approach to metal forming and manufacturing, supporting your designs from concept to creation. Our agile team are on hand every step of the way to ensure that your components stay true to your initial vision.

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precision metal forming

Precision Metal Forming

As a team of problem solvers, we understand that the intricate nature of metal forming can raise complexities. Fortunately, our precision technology and wealth of expertise ensures a seamless service at every step.


Assembly of Complex Solutions

Our 20,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility hosts state-of-the-art equipment that enable end-to-end component production, from first thought to final touches. Whatever the order volume or level of precision required, our expert team has the experience to manufacture your components with speed and professionalism.

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pvd coating

Colour Finishing – PVD Coating

Our in-house PVD coating capabilities deliver environmentally friendly, class-leading colour coating in a range of colours, including true black. Physical Vapour Deposition is known for its durability, corrosion resistance and cost effectiveness – as it lasts longer than its less sustainable predecessors, chrome and paint.


Excellence in Engineering

While we have over 36 years’ experience in the automotive sector, our class-leading technology and expertise is transferable to any sector where intricacy and precision in design are key factors.

precision engineering

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