Experts In Metal Forming and the Assembly of Precision Components

Finding Creative Engineering Solutions to Complex Design Challenges

Vestatec is a leading specialist in metal forming and the assembly of complex and highly detailed finished components for aesthetic or high-performance applications across a wide range of industries.

We supply specialist technical surface finishes such as PVD coating that allow fine styling detail, taking designs to a new level of sophistication. From initial design and development through to manufacturing bespoke products, our difference is in the detail – in the precision and excellence of our engineering, the quality of finish, detail and attention we give to solving challenges and meeting customer needs.

Whatever the sector and the challenge you face, we find creative engineering solutions to complex design challenges, through collaboration, innovation and a commitment to detail.


Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Nottingham UK, offers various capabilities. Our equipment can be scaled to meet various needs – from low volume and high value products to large runs of precision components.

Metal forming speaker grilles

Metal Forming

Precision formed components to meet your requirements.

metal assembly


In-house assembly of components to your exact specifications.

chemical etching

Chemical Etching

Infinite freedom of design when chemically etching metals.

PVD coating

PVD Coating

Creating the perfect durable finish through the latest technology innovations.

speaker grilles

Speaker Grilles

Premium speaker grilles of varying shapes, sizes, and complexity.

Automotive engineering

Automotive/Interior Trim

From interior focal points to discrete integrated parts.

Customers we proudly work with

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