automotive interior trim

Automotive Interior Trim

Combining form with function, we work with OEMs across to the world to provide a range of decorative interior trim solutions, adding a heightened level of sophistication to every vehicle.


Types of Trim

We have decades of experience using the latest metal forming techniques to produce 3D components such as speaker grilles and decorative interior panels for the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Whether you’re looking for a focal feature of the vehicle’s interior or something more subtly integrated, our team will work with you to meet your needs through innovation and design. Our end-to-end supplier service means we will provide technical and development support from initial design feasibility right through to assembly and shipment.

From mesh sheeting to solid panels – if it’s made of metal, we can press, etch, and colour it to your specifications.

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Bringing Your Designs to Life

Our engineering processes have been refined to meet the high expectations of OEMs and their customers.

Starting with your CAD designs, our engineering team are here to marry your designs with our manufacturing capabilities in a way that makes production feasible and efficient.

We press, coat and assemble products in-house at our manufacturing facility in Nottingham,  meaning we can deliver fast and flexible production, regardless of volume.

Whilst metal interior trim has historically been painted or powder coated, PVD coating has recently emerged as a superior option, providing a long-lasting decorative appearance that cannot be achieved with other coating methods.

For most car interior projects, we recommend using stainless steel as it is lightweight, durable and retains a smooth finish after going through the chemical etching process. With the addition of PVD coating, we can achieve the appearance of more decorative metals like gold, bronze, chrome, and gunmetal.

Why Vestatec?

Since 1987, Vestatec has been a leading specialist and innovator in metal forming and assembly of complex and detailed precision components for aesthetic or high-performance applications for a wide range of industries.

Grounded in the principles of British quality and artistry, our difference is in the detail – in the excellence of engineering, the quality of finish and the development and design of solutions. Using multiple processes and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to create components with complex geometries and high-quality detail, enhancing aesthetic appeal, user experience and brand differentiation.

We are driven by detail across all our products.

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We’re ready to show you what’s possible, get in touch to find out more about our interior trim offerings.